Sunday, March 4, 2018

Painting Your Garage Door To Look Like Wood

I created a wood look on two garage doors last week by painting them with exterior Sherwin Williams acrylic paint.  I prefer to use SW paint but whatever paint you use to paint a garage door to look like wood you have to use a Latex or Acrylic exterior paint.  Never use an oil based product on a garage door even for the clear topcoat.  Oil based products will crack and peel in short order.

Here are some photos of the doors.  The first one is after I cleaned the door with soap and water using a scotch brite pad.  Then as you can see I started to apply the primer to the doors.

 This second shot is after the primer has dried and then the basecoat of paint was applied.  I used a SW color called Toasty for the base coat of paint.

There were a few issues with these doors.  The next two photos so how the weather strip at the top of the doors had started to fall apart.  So I replaced that on both doors.

Also, after I basecoated the doors I could see where the door was actually hitting the door opening when it opened and closed and this caused scrapping on the doors.  The white spots in the photos is where the base coat of paint got scraped off.  I adjusted both doors some just enough so that when they opened and closed they would not touch the opening.

Next are some in progress shots how I go about painting the garage door to look like wood.  I use a lot of tape to make sure all that there are no stop and start marks on the door with the wood grain pattern.

I use two different color browns for actual wood grain colors.  The fist wood grain color I used is a SW color called Terra Brun.  The second color is a really dark brown called Black Bean.

Then I have some photos of the completed doors.

garage door painted to look like wood

garage door painted to look like wood

painting garage doors to look like wood

Even though the SW paint I use has a lifetime warranty with it, I always top coat the garage doors with a clear UV acrylic topcoat.  I use a product called MasterCear from Modern Masters.

garage door painted to look like wood

These garage doors really came out nice and the clients were thrilled how much they looked like they were made of real wood.

painting a garage door to look like wood

Thursday, February 22, 2018

'Three Sticks' A New Sculpture

I recently put the finishing touches on a new industrial chic sculpture.  This piece measures 17 inches wide by 23.25 inches high by 2.5 inches deep.

industrial chic sculpture

industrial chic sculpture

industrial chic sculpture

This piece was made from lumber and supplies from a home improvement store and driftwood I found at the beach.

A few close-ups...

industrial sculpture

industrial sculputre

industrial sculpture

industrial sculpture

industrial sculpture

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Painting Entry Door to Match Garage Door Wood Grain

Last week I finished up painting two entry doors to match the three garage doors (of my previous post) I had painted to look like wood.  This door is right next to the three garage doors so it made sense to have it look the same.  The other door is around the side.  The biggest challenge with these entry doors was they are oversized.  About 96 inches high instead of your standard 81, which means I had to use a ladder to reach the top.

The is door is a fiberglass door and started out all white.  You can see where I was testing out the primer to see how well it would adhere.  I use grey 'gripper' primer from Glidden and after it dried you couldn't scrap it off at all, worked fantastic.

 So after the primer dried I applied the base coat of paint, SW Toasty the same as the base for the garage doors.

I start by taping off where the horizontal wood grain will be painted in.

Then once taped off I use SW Fiery Brown for the first coat of wood grain color.  Then I use SW Black Bean for the second and darker coat of wood grain color.

This next photo is a great view of the wood grain I painted on.  This door came out great.

The finished job again.