Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Paint Bathroom Vanity To Look Like Wood

I had a little job today that was interesting. A newly remolded bathroom got a new vanity installed. I was asked to paint the side fillers to match the wood grain on the vanity.

One of the most challenging aspects of this kind of work is getting the base coat of paint the right color.  If the base coat of paint is not right then you will never get the new work to match the existing wood grain coloring.

So what I do is try to determine the color to use by looking for the light areas in the wood grain and imagining what color I could use based on that.  I have to keep in mind that I will be going over it with layers of different color browns so I can't just use the color I see but I have to determine when the color is painted over how it will match up.

You can see in the first photo the arrows indicate where I was looking at to figure out what base coat to use.  Then as you can see I painted the side fillers that color, the wood there was already primed white when I arrived.

In the next photo I have applied the first layer of wood grain color.

In the next photo I am getting closer by adding more layers of different wood grain color.

The photo below shows the completed project.  I pretty much was able to nail it.

Another angle showing how now the vanity looks like it is all one piece as if it came like that.

By the way here is view from the balcony patio.  The crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico.  That is looking west so you get some great sunsets sitting out on the patio.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Paint Fireplace Mantel To Look Like Wood

I completed a nice little job this past week.  The project was to paint a new fireplace mantel to look like wood.  This is a very modern sleek look for the mantel in this newly remodeled family room.

The stone on the wall was added and the mantel is newly constructed.   The idea was not to simply stain it but to paint it to match the color of the wood floor and give it a more visually appealing grain pattern.

The next two photos show the first two steps.  First I primed the wood then when that dried I sanded it down and applied the base coat of color.  The empty space on the wall above the mantel is where the tv mounting system will go.

In the next photo you can see the mantel after the first color of wood grain went on.  For this mantel I used a Sherwin Williams color called Toasty for the base coat color, then I used a SW color called Terra Brun for the first wood grain color.  The second and last wood grain color I used is a SW color called Black Bean.

When you compare the photo below with the one above you can how the second color has darkened the mantel to right tone we were looking for. I always use at least two colors for the wood grain look as it give whatever I am painting more depth and provides a more realistic outcome.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Painting Two Garage Doors To Look Like Wood Grain

I completed a really nice garage door project last week.  I painted two garage doors to look like wood grain.  One was a two car garage door and then opposite it was a single car garage door.

The following two pictures show how I have already cleaned the doors, primed them and applied the base coat of paint.  The color of  the base coat is a Sherwin Williams color called Toasty.  This color will give the faux wood grain the warmth of a real wood door.

In the next photo I have painted the wood grain pattern on the top two rows of  panels.  The lone panel on the third row down only has the first of the two colors I use for the wood grain itself.  I always use two color browns for the wood grain painting.  Typically the first is a medium tone brown and the second color is a dark brown.

On the single door in the next photo you can see how I have almost finished, all I need to paint are the two vertical spaces at either side of the door.  When I get that done and it dries for about an hour I can apply the clear acrylic UV top coat.

The next two photos show the completed doors.  The colors I used to paint the wood grain on these garage doors are Sherwin Williams colors.  The first brown I used is a color called Terra Brun,  the second and darker color brown I used is Black Bean.

The last photo here is a closer view of the wood grain pattern.  I created some pretty dark wood grain lines in this door and effect is really great.  The homeowner loved the doors and it makes a huge improvement of the curb appeal for this home.