Saturday, April 16, 2016

Arched Garage Doors

I recently completed painting two arched garage doors to look like wood.  They started out white but after the job was completed they look like real wood.  The first photo shows the completed doors.

When I start a garage door project I always wash the door really well with soap and water first.  Then I prime it. I use a pretty dark gray primer.

After the primer dries I apply the base coat of paint.  The color of the base coat of paint is important because it will determine the tone of the wood or what type of wood I am attempting to faux paint on the garage door.  In this case I am going to match the front doors and they have a very almost rosewood look.  So I used a muted orange for the base coat of paint.  In the next photo you can how orange the base coat is as it goes on.  When it dried it was more muted.

The challenge in creating a wood look for this set of garage doors is the arched top of the door opening.  That arch covers a lot of the top row panels.  The only way to paint them in and have them look good is to paint them when the door is fully open.  In order to have access to the surface I had to paint off a ladder and lean in to reach the entire surface of the panels on the top row.  I have to say it was pretty hard and it took about 3-4 times as long to paint in that top row as it normally does to paint a row.

The next photo shows the bottom two rows of this door taped off and ready to paint like wood.  The area between the panels is taped off because that area gets a vertical wood grain pattern and the center of the panels gets a horizontal wood grain pattern.  Just look at the previous photo to see what I am talking about.

The next photo shows two rows with the center panels taped off and finished painted to look like wood.  I typically work on two rows at a time.

After the center of the panels is painted to look like wood with a horizontal grain pattern then I re -position the tape so I can paint the area between the panels with a vertical wood grain pattern.

The next photo shows the panels of the two rows completed.

The following pictures are of the garage doors after the completion of the job.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Paint Steel Entry Doors To Look Like Wood

I recently completed a project where I created a wood grain look on double steel front entry doors.

The first picture here is the completed doors.  The doors are steel and there was a lot prep work done to get them ready.  They had dings and marks on them that needed to be filled and sanded.

After the prep work was done I primed and base coated the doors then started the wood grain process. In the next photo you can see the color of the base coat of paint and how I have created the wood grain in the horizontal sections of the door.

This next photo is a nice shot of the doors from ground level.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Painting New Entry Door To Look Like Wood.

I really like this profile for an entry door.  This home underwent an extensive remodel and got a new entry door in the process.  The first picture is the finished door.

Just like when I paint a garage door to look like wood I also use a lot of tape in painting entry doors to look like wood.   The first thing I do is clean the door really well.  Then I prime it and once that has dried I apply the base coat of paint.  In the next photo I you can see the orange color of the base coat.  I used that color because the project called for creating a wood tone similar to the new wood flooring in the home.  I made the front door the same wood tone but darker than the wood flooring.

In order to get the same tone I started with the sort of burnt orange color.  I taped off the vertical planks to paint those first.  The black arrows so how I tape off the corners to get that 45' angle there.  In this photo I have applied the first color of the wood grain brown that I am using on the top vertical planks.

In the next photo the white arrow shows where the 45' angle has been achieved by using the tape off method.  The bottom panel is done at this point.

The next photo shows both top and bottom panels completed.  You can see how I left the top trim area of the panels unpainted.  I will paint those with a horizontal grain at the same time as I paint the horizontal grain.

In order to paint the horizontal wood grain on the planks that run horizontally you have to have the door open because of the top one.  When the door is closed you can't get to it.  So the next photo shows how I have taped off the horizontal planks and painted on the first wood grain color.  Once that has dried I paint on the second and much darker wood grain color, remove the tape and then create the wood grain on the two vertical planks that run either side of the door.

Another look at the finished door.   Of course I also created the exact same wood grain look in the interior side of the door.