Saturday, July 26, 2008

Garage Door Painted Like Patina Copper

I just finished painting two garage doors and surrounding trim to look like patina copper. One was a double and one a single car door. When I started both doors where painted the color of the house so the first thing I did was to paint the doors the color of copper that has been aged which is a dark reddish brown.

Then I start the patina process by painting on the first glaze coat of patina color.

Here is a picture of the door done but not the trim and then the next picture is a close up then a close up in the same area with the trim painted.

The completed doors.


  1. That is a masterpiece! I love the way you faux paint your door... It looks very old with patina copper techniques that you've used. How long does it takes you to do that?

  2. These designs are really great I love this kind of blogs you give me such a nice things through this blog.
    painted garage doors are awesome.

  3. What products did you use? I love the way this looks. We just painted our house a light, creamy yellow and the garage doors are the same as your base coat. I have been trying to find out how to do a faux copper finish with more of a turquoise looking patina. Any ideas?

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