Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Garage Door Painting Project Complete

I finished up on the project I have been working on.  I was able to create a wood look on the two garage doors.   The wood tone matched the tile roof in color.  This was important because when you look at the home (as with most homes) you really do see a lot of the roof.

First off take a look at that gorgeous sky, then notice the color of the tile roof.  The base coat color of the doors I applied matches the tile roof.  That way after I have finished painting the garage doors to look like wood the underlying tone of the wood goes great with the over all color scheme of the home.

You can notice in the photo above I have not completed the single car garage door yet.  The next photo shows the single garage door painted to look like wood.

This photo of both of the doors is kinda blown out by the bright sunlight and the shade but you still get the idea.


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  2. Hi Bob - this new shade came out great! It's very close to the shade I'm interested in creating when I begin painting my garage door. It looks just like cedar. Could you kindly tell me what colors you used for the base and top coats on this door? Thank you Bob.


    1. I used a Sherwin Williams color called Tiger Eye for the base coat of paint. Then the first color of brown I used is a SW color called Java and then the second and darker color brown is SW Black Bean. Be careful with the black bean as it can get the door dark really fast so you need to thin it way down. You could use SW Turkish Coffee if you think the Black Bean is too dark. Hope this helps.

  3. Awesome Bob - thank you for that info! Of course 'color' viewed on a computer screen can be deceptive sometimes. I wish I could see this door in person. In your opinion would you say that it resembles a cedar finish? Thanks again Bob.