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Wood Sculpture with Sea Glass

 On a trip to California to visit my daughter and family, we went to Sea Glass Beach on the Pacific Ocean in Northern California.  I found a piece of sea glass which I kept to remember the trip by.  As a fun thing I incorporated that small glass piece into one of my industrial sculptures. With all my free standing sculptures there is no front back or facing side.  All sides are equally important. This piece is titled, 'Sea Glass Beach', it stands 38 inches high, 10 inches by 7.5 inches at the base.  It is created with recycled construction materials and found objects. The next photo shows the side with the small piece of sea glass. Here is a close up view. This next side has a seed pod from a Royal Poinciana tree. These seed pods can get over 18 inches in length. A closer look. A couple of more close-up views from the piece. This last photo shows some relative size for the work.

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