Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Expressing Gratitude

In addition to this site here I have a great web site called The Study of Man.   I call it my Anthropology site. My degree is in Anthropology and I wanted to find a marriage between my love of all things Anthro and my passion for creating art.

I create a lot of original artwork for this site.  My favorite are the hand made Talismans.  I have a kiln in my studio and I create them from earthenware by hand, one at a time.  I think you will really enjoy seeing them.

Here is a Talisman called a Bindrune.  This is a symbol made from the Norse alphabet or Norse Runes, of which there are 24 letters.  This Bindrune is to create a "happy home".  The circle around the symbol contains all the letters of the Norse alphabet and it is called the Elder Futhark.  

My main interest in Anthropology has always been in human evolution.  This includes the physical evolution of the hominin species starting about 7-8 million years ago.  I also have a very strong interest in and fascination of the evolution of human consciousness.

On my site, The Study of Man, I have a blog and I write extensively and in depth about those two fields among other topics.  My exploration into the development and evolution of the human consciousness has led me to use of symbols and symbolic behavior.

The symbol above is an Icelandic Magical Stave called Vegvisir or The Wayfinder.  The Icelanders used on their ships to guide them through the seas and bring them home safely.  It also acts as a spiritual compass that guides your heart and helps you make the right choices in life.

The legacy of Modern Man begins with the creation of Symbols for use in rituals, communication and art.  Through thousands of years iconic symbols have gained great power in the collective consciousness of mankind.  It is possible to harness that power for yourself right now.  This is one of the main topics I explore on my site.

This Labyrinth symbol has been found in all cultures around the world starting over 4,000 years ago.  This Labyrinth Talisman has one well defined path that leads you to the center and back again.  It is believed that the path of the labyrinth represents a spiritual journey into the center of your own being; this journey brings about a change to your consciousness creating balance, soothing the nerves, healing the body, mending the heart and calming the soul.

The reason sacred symbols and talismans work is not because of some inherent magic they possess, rather it is the inherent ability of our consciousness to make them work.

Check out this post on my blog ---  I Am Thankful   It is a story of how expressing gratitude can change your life.  The science is solid on this.  It is the simplest, most easy thing you can do to improve your wellbeing.  All it takes a second.

Please visit my Anthropology thestudyofman.com.  You can find great gift items there.  I am adding weekly to the Talismans to make your life better.  And please go to the the bottom of any page on The Study of Man website and sign up for a notice when I make a blog post.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Project to Paint Garage Doors To Look Like Wood is complete.

I was able to finish up painting the two garage doors to look like wood yesterday.  They both came out looking great and the client was thrilled with them.

This pictures I have today of the doors is more like the actual color of them.  The ones I posted the other day are a little off.  Just using the camera on my phone so...

garage door painted to look like wood

 I am always amazed the huge difference it makes in the look of a home when the garage door is painted to look like wood.  It's a huge positive with the curb appeal for any home.

double garage door painted to look like wood

two car and one car garage doors painted to look like wood

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Paint A Garage Door To Look Like Wood

I have been working on a new project this week painting standard white metal garage doors to look like wood.  I got off to a good start even though one day was a rain out.  I got the doors scrubbed down really well with soap and water first.  After that dried the primer went on and then the basecoat.

Here is a photo of both doors, the smaller one is primed and the larger one has the basecoat already applied.

painting a garage door

 The smaller garage door was painted to look like wood first.  Step one in the process after the basecoat dries is to tape off each panel.  I paint the center of each panel with a horizontal wood grain first.

painting a garage door to look like wood

Once the center panels have been painted with a horizontal wood grain.  Then I tape off and paint the area between the panels with a vertical wood grain pattern. In the photo below you can see how each row has been completely painted with a wood grain.  The next step is to paint in the areas between the rows and then the vertical area on each side.

garage door half way painted to look like wood

These garage doors are on the south side of the home and they get direct sun all day.  So I in this case I use my sun tarp to provide shade, here is my setup below.

sun tarp for protection while painting a garage door to look like wood

The next two photos show the garage door completely painted to look like wood.  The first one is taken with the sun tarp up and the second one is taken with it taken down.

single car garage door painted to look like wood

garage door painted to look like wood

This week I will take on the larger door.