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Creating Native American Friendship Symbol Complete

 The last phase for creating one of my talismans is to take the bisque fired piece and use underglazes and glazes to apply color.  In the first photo the top look is the bisque fired symbol with orange underglaze painted in the recessed crossed arrows and the word friendship.  The second look is with the yellow background painted in with underglaze.  The final look is the symbol after it was coated with a clear glaze and fired in a glaze firing. Typically the look you get with underglazes when you first apply them is not the finished look after it has been fired.  The color often goes through dramatic changes.  This symbol above the color shift is not so much, it depends on the colors used. In the next photo the work in the left is the color of the glaze when dried after application and then on the right is how it looks after a firing.  Pretty dramatic color shift in this case.  Also with these symbols I used a glaze instead of underglaze.   I use both colored glazes and underglazes de

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