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Creating Native American Friendship Symbol Phase Two

 The second phase when creating my ancient spiritual symbols is to let them dry out.  This takes about two weeks.  The day before I fire them for the first time I take them outside and let them sit in the sun for 4-8 hours and get any residual moisture out that might be left.  This first photo shows them laying  out baking in the sun.  I have 71 various symbols there. Once I get dried I load all of them in the kiln.  70 or so is about my limit.  I could get more in there but I only like dealing that many at once.  One aspect of firing the kiln is you want to have good air flow around the pieces.  To do this I have a fan attached on the bottom of the kiln and there are some small holes in the kiln floor.  There are also small holes in the lid so when the fan is on it draws a very small amount of air into the kiln and thru it which gets exhausted from the bottom.  This gets different gases from the clay out that are released in the firing process.  The next photo shows how I have started

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Native American Friendship Symbol

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