Thursday, March 15, 2007

Age and Distress Faux Painting of Kitchen Cabinets

I completed a nice one week project today. I distressed the center island cabinets in this new kitchen.

The first picture shows you the color we started with. All the cabinets in the kitchen were the same. There has been a trend in the last year or so to have the island cabinets different than those on the walls.

In the next picture you can see that the plan was to paint them black and with major areas sanded thru to the raw wood.

The first thing I did to create this look was to sand down to the raw wood in the various places where I knew I wanted to leave that area without any black paint. Then I painted on the black paint and dry brushed it over the sanded areas. Once the side was dry I sanded along the edges of the moulding with a rotor sander. A close-up view below gives you a better idea of how it all came out.