Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hand Rubbed Tuscany Wall Texture

Still working on the great room. I am applying a hand rubbed Tuscany wall texture to the walls in the great room, kitchen and pantry.

I tried to take a couple of pictures to show how the wall texture is done but its very difficult to get good wall pictures of this but never-the-less.

I am using joint compound for the texture material. I apply it with a trowel in a random pattern. After it dries I sand it down to get rid of the sharp edges. In the first picture I try to show the texture on the wall before sanding. In the second picture its after I sanded it down. All the sharp edges are gone and what you get are smooth variations in the texture. I have one more wall to sand down then the walls can be primed and basecoated before I apply the faux finish to them.

The house is full of trade workers all day so I am trying to work around everyone. Typically that means I have to leave something and then get back to it when I can so I have several places I am working on at once. The trusses are one of those areas. In the next picture you can see the progress there. I have primed, basecoated and now puting on the first coat of wood grain paint.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Designer Colors For Driftwood Ceiling

I worked on the big ceiling again this weekend. I am painting the 2 by 6 planks to have a driftwood effect with designer colors. You can see by the picture I have an eight foot ladder set on the scaffolding so I can reach the peak of the ceiling. The reason for using the ladder instead of building up more scaffolding is I need to roll the scaffolding under the four big trusses. Breaking down and building up the scaffoldlng all day would take too much time so its way easier to use a ladder.

In this picture you can also see the three different stages of the ceiling. Right above the ladder is the plain basecoat with two different colors applied. To the left of the truss is the finished product with 3 colors on. You can also see the ceiling with just the plain basecoat color.

Below is a close-up of the 2 by 6 tongue and grove ceiling planking with the top part of the picture showing the first 2 colors applied and the bottom part of the picture showing the third color applied.

Below is the same section as above but the completed look. After I get the entire ceiling painted I will work on the trusses which are going to get a very dark brown aged look.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Patio Railing

I have started on a new job while I am waiting to get back to the big ceiling job. This project is to paint a long railing on a second story patio and then as the stairs go down to the ground level.

First I had to sand down the entire railing which is quite the job in itself. Below you can see a section that is sanded and ready to start.

The first thing is I primed the railing after sanding it down. After priming I painted the railing a dark brown. I am almost done painting the basecoat on. The railing is approximately 140 feet long. The horizontal bars are not that time consuming but the verictal setions that the bars attach to are very time consuming to paint. I should have it all basecoated by Friday.

Here is a small section which I had painted to show the client how it is going to turn out. The entire railing will have a beautiful patina look to it.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Faux Painted Ceililng

I started on the big ceiling job over the weekend. The ceiling is 2 by 6 tongue and grove. I am going to paint with a wood grain but in designer colors not typical wood colors. The basecoat for the ceilng is on in these pictures. The trusses in the photos I am going to paint like a dark wood grain when its time for them.

The peak of the ceiling is 25 feet from the floor. In order to reach it I have an 8 foot ladder up on the scaffolding with me.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Trusses set.

The big trusses for the great room came yesterday and were set. These big fir beams will be painted to match the other beams I have done for the home.

I spent the day painting the tongue part of the tongue and grove 2 by 6 ceiling planks for this room, approximately 220 sixteen footers. A little forward thinking here is that if the ceiling planks shrink any you might be able to see the raw wood if a seam opens up. So painting that area eliminates that from happening.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Recondition Wood Doors

I have just completed reconditioning two front doors. First day I stripped down the doors by sanding. In the first picture you can see where the upper part of the doors are sanded down to the wood. These doors face east and get the morning sun. The old finish was totally cracked and coming off. Luckily the wood itself was still ok.

Completed doors then a detail shot.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Faux Paint Wood Grain On Beams

I have been working a new construction home this month. I am painting a lot of the big wood beams that will go into the home and then I am going to paint the 2 by 6 tongue and grove for the ceiling in the great room. I have been working in the garage and as you can see the wood framing indicating the drywall is not up yet.
The picture shows some of the painted beams and four big ones that just have the basecoat on.

To paint the beams first I applied a primer, after that dried I applied a golden basecoat. Then I started to create the wood grain by painting the beams a medium brown with a wood graineffect. After that dried I used two passes of black both passes very light. I used two passes becauseI wanted it dark but would have had to use too much paint to get it as dark as I wanted with only one pass. The light passes of the black over the brown give it a lot of richness without seeming black. The beams look old but not distressed.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Sample Boards Tobacco finish

I've been working a sample board for a 'tobacco' finish. I have done two, one is darker than the other but both use the same colors.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tape Off A Garage Door To Paint

I finished up painting a metal garage door to look like wood in St. Petersburg. I have a few of the steps outlined in this post.
Take a look at this first picture. What I have done so far is to paint the base color on the door. The base color is a Ben Moore exterior low lustre Moreguard paint called Peanut Butter.
Then I tape off the individual panels as shown. (The homeowner had masked off the windows before I got there with paper as you can see. ) In the picture I have already finished one row of panels.

In the next picture I show the first step in painting a panel. I take and paint in the tapered sides of the panel with vertical strokes.

Then I paint in the center of the panel with horizontal strokes.

Then I finish off the panel by painting in the horizontal tapered edges.

I usually go down the entire row like that and even do another row while the first row is drying. Then I do the exact same procedure again with the second coat which is a different color a much darker brown. By the way the first color brown is a Ben Moore color called Pancake syrup. The second and darker color is made by mixing Black Bean Soup into the Pancake syrup color. You can see it doesn't get much darker because I have diluted the mixed dark brown with a clear acrylic exterior sealer.

Not done yet with the panels. To finish off the center of the panels I wait for them to dry and then apply a second coat of the darker color just on the tapered 'frame' part around the center. I call this 'picture framing' and you can see the darker 'picture frame' effect it has in the picture below.

The next step is to paint in the vertical pieces between the panels. So I tape them off like you can see in the picture below. I do the same thing as before. Paint them in with vertical strokes with the pancake syrup and then when that dries paint over it with one coat of the diluted darker color.

Next are the horizontal pieces that go all the way across the door. I tape them off and paint them in the same way. You can see in the picture below where I have painted in the first coat of the brown that is lighter than the other painted spaces. It needs the second coat to look good and give the door a more authentic wood look.

So all done now. The last spaces to paint are the vertical spaces at either side of the door. I paint the door in this manner because if it where real wood that is the way the grain would run. The door came out great and the client loved it.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tuscany Landscape Mural Complete

I finished the Tuscany landscape mural today. The last two days have been rough with the rain and wind. The mural itself is in an exposed hallway area so it gets high relative humidity while it rains.

Monday I started painting on it at about 9 am or so. By 2 the paint was still not drying. So I packed it in and went home thinking it would dry sooner or later. Well the next morning I got there and not only did it not dry, most of what I had done Monday had melted and ran down the wall.

It was still raining and luckily it was because the melted paint was still wet. So I was able to wipe it off and start over. It took until 12:30 to get back to where I was the day before.

Today was absolutely gorgeous and painting went great. I finished up and put 2 coats of a clear exterior sealer on it.

So as you enter the hallway I painted on both sides of it. The walls are 11 feet high and the width of the hall way is 12 feet. Each side is 35 feet long.

This first shot is to the left as you enter the hallway. This is the wine storage room I painted.

The second shot is the side entry door to the wine store.

The next shot shows the pass thru window. The bar is right inside the window to the right and wine gets passed out to the seating in the hallway. "Inveno Veritas" is latin for In Wine There is Truth.

There is one more door on this wall, an electrical closet.

The big landscape part is on the oppsite wall where I had a 20 by 11 space to work with. The arched stone opening is 6 feet high and 12 feet wide. I am sure if I were better at photoshop I could get rid of the light spot in the center from the flash but...

A close up view of the wine bottle and glasses. I took advantage of the label on the wine bottle and that's where I signed the mural. You can see the texture on the wall pretty good on the right side of this shot.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Working On Landscape Mural

Almost done with the mural. I have a day or maybe a day and a half left. I need to finish off the building on the left and paint in some hanging flower pots and window boxes. I also need to do something with the monastary. Like paint in a courtyard or sculptures or something around the building. I just don't like the naked look of it now.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Good Start On Italian Landscape Mural

I had a pretty good day on the Tuscany landscape mural. The first picture shows the area and what I got done yesterday. The space is 12 feet wide and 6 feet high.
A little closer in the next photo. The mural is a sunset scene.

What I completed today are the grape vines and a monastary type building. I am still not done with the building. I need to put something around it like plants or flowers. I have the courtyard area and stone fence to finish and then 3 large houses or buildings on the left there. I hope to get it all done and sealed by Friday.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Mural of Wine Barrel Storage Room

The wine store mural is going great. I plan on finishing one wall today. I got a ton of nice compliments yesterday from passersby. The only problem I have is the hallway area I am painting is not wide enough to get a good photo as I can't get back far enough. I do have a wide angle lens for my digital but it doesn't 'wide' all that great. However, next week I am going to try it out on the mural and see if I can get more of the piece in.

Part of the problem with photographing walls is the flash reflects off the surface of the wall as in the photo below.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wine Store Mural

I got started on a mural this week for a new store. The store sells wine and cheese, it has a bar and a few tables inside. Outside there is a corridor that is approximately 15 feet wide and 35 feet long. I am painting a mural on each wall of that space. The wine cellar has several tables set up there so patrons can sit and enjoy a glass of wine over good conversation.

The walls are stucco with a sand finish. Around the doors and widows there is a stucco relief trim. I first painted that trim to look like wood. Then I aged the walls. I am now painting large stones around the doors and windows. I have most of one wall done with the stones but after I finish the stones I will go revisit them again to put the shadowing in.

Inside the stone arch (below) I will paint the lettering "Inveno Veritas" - In wine there is truth. You can see in this photo how much the stones need to have the shadowing in. Right now they look like they are floating on over the wall and not anchored to it.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Concrete Kitchen Counter Top Painted Like Marble

I worked on and mostly finished a concrete countertop. The homeowner made a great countertop out of concrete. I have to say they a super job. For various reasons they ended up not using an acid stain to color it and called me in to do something.
I painted the counter to look like granite/marble incorperating the colors of the cabinet and other elements in the kitchen. The backsplash has yet to be installed.