Friday, April 6, 2012

Faux Paint Carriage Doors

I finished up another project in Tampa where I painted four single garage doors to look like wood.  These garage doors are in the carriage door style and look great painted to look like wood.

The big challenge at the start of this project was that the doors had been painted to look like wood previously but whoever did the work did not know what kind of paint to use.  So you can see in this first photo that the paint had faded in a major way and looked kinda pinkish when I got there.  It was real chalky too so I usually use amonia and water and scrub the doors down but when I put the amonian on the doors the rmaining paint just melted off.  You can see how it went back to white so I went ahead and primed the doors before I basecoated them.  I am sure they were never primed before and whoever did the work did not even use exterior paint so...

So after scrubing all the doors down and them priming them I basecoated the Sherwin-Williams color Tatami Tan, the golden color below.

I got a lot of morning sun on the doors so I use my shade setup until about 1 or so.

The project came out great and the client was very happy with their new wood garage doors.  I used Sherwin Williams exterior Superpaint and even coated them with the exterior uv clear coat so they should last a really long time.