Saturday, December 8, 2012

Nice Job On Garage Door

This garage door project came out great.  I was commissioned to paint 2 double garage doors to look like wood and to match the wood tone of the front door.  It happens quite frequently that when I paint a garage door to look like wood I match it to the front door or even paint the front door to look like wood at the same time so they all look alike.  This project is on the beach in the St. Petersburg, Clearwater area.

This first photo shows where I have already primed and painted a basecoat on the garage door and then painted in the central panels to look like wood.

This next photo gives some insight into how I go about painting the garage door to look like it would look if it were an actual wood door.  With a real wood door the grain direction in the areas I have circled in red would be vertical.  So when I paint a garage door to look like wood I want those areas to have a vertical grain pattern just like a real wood door would have.

So you can see in the next photo with the red circled areas how I painted in the wood grain in a vertical pattern.  You can also see how I tape off each section as I paint them.  The area between the blue arrows is painted in a horizontal pattern and in this photo it shows how it looks after the first pass of brown.  You can see in the panels above and below how much darker it will get after the next pass.  The second pass is with a very much darker brown.

The final look came out great and you can not tell from driving by in the street that the door is not wood.  Heck, you have to walk up to it and knock on it to see its not wood, the door looks that great.  After I painted the other garage door to look like wood it matched this one perfectly.

Monday, December 3, 2012

New Mobile Sculpture

I finished a new kinetic art piece.  I really love creating these pieces.  This was a commission piece and was sent off to Virginia.  It measures approximately 24 inches wide and 32 inches high.  I made the piece with steel and copper wire using objects I found.  Mostly I found the objects on the shores of Tampa Bay except for the Cherub which I found hanging on my fence.

The left side has a bound shell at the top.

Kind of a top down view.

This was a cool idea.  I put an eye bolt in the right side at the top and then just set a bolt in there.  The bolt is removable.  I added this to balance out the piece so it wold hang with the top being level.  So I used different sized bolts until I found one that would balance out the whole piece.

The namesake for the piece is a ceramic Cherub that is bound by copper wire.

Some bound shells and rocks.