Saturday, December 29, 2012

Orange Base Coat Color On Garage Door

I completed a project here in St. Petersburg in which I painted a double garage door to look like wood.  The garage door really came out great and the client loved it.

In this first picture you can see where I have already scrubbed the door clean  and primed it.  Then I am half way done painting on the base coat.

The base coat is on here in the second picture.  Its not unusual for the client to get a little nervous at this point seeing the orange color.  This color for the garage door is a Sherwin Williams color called True Penny.  Painting around the 'Star Burst' windows is a challenge.  It takes much longer to paint those than if they weren't there at all.

Now the double garage door is starting look good.  In the next picture I have painted the center panels and the vertical areas between them.  I have the top horizontal area taped off and have painted the first wood grain color there.  For this door I am using a SW color called Fiery Brown.  For the second coat I mix black into the Fiery Brown at least 1:1 and maybe even a little more black than that.  I always use at least two wood grain colors.  I find this gives the doors a deeper and richer look.

The door is done and looking good.  You can see how using the orange paint really gives the garage door a rich warm inviting wood grain tone.  Take note of the beveled areas around the center panels.  After the two wood grain coats I go back once again and do what I call 'picture frame' the panels by painting another coat of the dark color on the beveled areas.

Here's a closer view of the panels.  If you look you can still some wood graining on 'picture frame' beveled areas even though they are pretty dark brown at this point.