Friday, December 20, 2013

Garage Door Painting Project Finished

I finished up today on the project where I painted a garage door to look like wood.  I had intended to paint the beveled areas around the panels a little darker today.  It's a technique I call 'picture framing' because it sort of picture frames the center of each panel.  The clients were on the fence about doing that and when I got there this morning they decided that the door was absolutely perfect they way it was and they didn't want to change a thing.  So I sealed the door with an acrylic uv sealer and finished up.

I would say about half the time I paint a garage door to look like wood I picture frame the panels.  It seems to be something folks are evenly split about as far as how it looks.  Of course each home is different in 'look' so that it applies more to some than others.

This is a picture of the completed door.  I am very happy with it and so are the homeowners, yipee!

Paint a garage door to look like wood

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tampa Painting Project Almost Compete

I got the current garage door painted to look like wood project almost complete today.  The entire door is wood grained but tomorrow I will 'picture frame' the individual panels and then seal it with an acrylic uv sealer.

The garage door was painted to look like a lighter toned wood.  Actually it was painted to match the front door and if you look at the second picture I think you can agree the garage door matches the front door really well.

How to paint a garage door to look like wood.

Paint garage door to look like wood.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Painting Wood Panels On Door

I had a good day on painting the garage door to look like wood.  I got the top two rows of panels done so I am happy about that.   If all goes well I should finish the panels tomorrow by painting the bottom two rows.

This garage door is going to be painted like a walnut wood look so there is very little red in the brown.

Garage door painted to look like wood.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Beginning to Paint a Garage Door

I got started this week on a new project to paint a garage door to look like wood.  Actually I started the job on Friday with the prep work.  Ordinarily I do not take on a garage door in the condition this one was in.  This garage door had been painted to look like wood but whoever did the work used the wrong products and it cracked and peeled in less than a year.  This garage door is not a steel door it is a wood composite and so you can sand on this type of door which makes it feasible to remove the  oil based products that were applied to it.

That is why you need to use the correct products when painting on garage doors.  When you use the right products the work will last indefinitely.

Here is a shot of the garage door mostly cleaned up and by cleaned up I mean all the oil based product taken off it except for those 4 beveled areas on the panels.

Garage door painted to look like wood.

You can see how the oil based products are cracking and peeling up.  The whole door basically looked like that when I started.  In order to get it off I used a sander on all the flat areas which took about a half day.  Then I had to scrap and sand off the beveled areas around each panel.  That took 2 and a half days mostly because I had to hand scrap and sand because there was no way to get a sander in there effectively. As an example it took two hours to clean up the four beveled areas shown.

Garage door painted to look like wood.

So I finally got the garage door cleaned up and then primed the entire door.  You can see the nice light gray primer on the top two rows.

Painting a garage door to look like wood.

After the primer dried I applied the basecoat paint.  For this garage door I used a Sherwin Williams color called Tatami Tan.  You can see in the next picture how that looks.  Tomorrow I will start on the wood graining.

Garage door painted to look like wood.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Vinoy Resort Project Finished

I finished up today on the Vinoy restoration project I have been working on.  All eight panels I have been working on are now completely restored and looking great.

Take a look at that gorgeous sky.  Here we are in December and its absolutely beautiful weather, sunny and mid 70's.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cloudless Sky

I had a good day yesterday on the Vinoy project.  I finished up on the two current panels I was working on.  Now the swing stage gets moved today and I can start on the next two panels tomorrow.  Check out the blue sky, not a cloud to be seen.  It was a great day for sure.  I know a lot of country is having some bad winter weather but here in St. Petersburg it's been perfect (as usual).

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Great Morning At The Vinoy Resort

I just had to share some pictures of the beautiful morning this morning.   I have a great view of the water from where I am restoring the relief sculptural panels.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Rain Delay

With a rain out today and possibly tomorrow plus Thanksgiving weekend I am not going to get much done this week on the Vinoy project.   Yesterday, Cathy, my wife, took some photos with the telephoto lens.  The first three are me up on the swing stage.  It looks like I have a big white beard but that's my dust mask.  I was cleaning and grinding off the paint on the next two panels and it's quite the dusty operation.

There are three different designs on the eight panels.  Let's call them A, B, C.  So when you look at all eight panels across the front of the building and starting from left to right, the first two are design A, then design B, then two are design C, then design B again and then the last two are design A.
This first two photos show design A.

The next photos show design B.
Its hard to get the actual color correct but this shot is really close to how the finished panels look.  The next two photos are design C.

Design B and C have subtle differences and from the ground level it's hard to pick them up.  I didn't realize they were different until I started working on them.  The biggest difference between the two is the bottom section.  The first photo is for design B and the second photo is design C.



Friday, November 15, 2013

Grinding The Paint Off

I started on the next two panels today.  Here is what I am up against.  Kinda peeling huh?  So I use a good metal scraper at first to get all the loose stuff off.  Then I have to hit it with the grinder.

And when I say grinder I mean grinder not a sander.  A sander is just to light duty to get all the old paint off.  I think there is still paint on these panels from the original paint job which was done in 1925.  The entire resort was remodeled in 1992 but I can tell that these panels were not stripped down all the way then.  Which is probably why its peeling so bad now.  So what I am doing is taking all the paint off down to the original surface and starting over from scratch.  I spent all day grinding paint off and got both panels ready to prime.  The grinder is a really powerful tool so I have to be careful about what I am doing.
The top part of this next panel is done and ready to prime.  What you see is about how much area I can work on at a time until I have to move the swing stage down a little more.  Notice how the design is almost a white and the background color is redish.  The design is actually a different material than what the background material is.  The design is a plaster and the background is a concrete.  Because the design is a plaster I have to be real careful with the grinder I could easily grind the plaster right off so I need a light touch, enough pressure to get the paint but leave the plaster.  The concrete is a harder substrate but I still have made some gouges in it with the grinder so even with that I need to be careful.  I got both panels looking like the top of this one below and ready to prime but it started to rain and I had to knock off for the day.  Back at it Monday.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Two Relief Sculpture Panels Completed

 I was able to finish up on the first two panels today.  They came out great and the Vinoy management is very happy with how things are progressing along.  I obviously can't get back from to take a good picture but I will get some with a good slr and a telephoto lens soon.

Moving Along Nicely

I made some good headway yesterday with relief sculpture panels.  Painting them is going to take some time however.  Because the image is a relief design I first thought that I would be able to use a small foam roller and roll out the white.  That would have been great but not to be.  There is not enough relief involved plus parts have fallen off thru the years.  The panels are 90 years old and I can tell it is not the first time some one has worked on them.  There are gouges and nicks from previous clean ups that have been done.  So the only way to get it to look good is to brush on the white with artist brushes and of course it takes two coats to get the coverage needed.  I would estimate I got about 60% of the design painted in on both panels.  The lower part of the design does not have as much detail as the upper portion.  After the panels are done I will paint the 'frame' around them.  I need to get this done today because they are going to move the swing stage over to the next set of  panels tomorrow.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Working High on the Relief Sculptured Panels.

I got the panels cleaned up today after all my grinding on Friday.  Then I primed with Loxon clear and applied the background color.

Me on the swing stage.

A couple of shots of the panels half coated with the background color.  I ended up applying two coats of background color on each panel.

If you look at the top floor the two panels on the left are the ones I got the background on today.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Project Started

I started on a new project today.  I will be restoring  motifs rendered in eight relief sculptures on the front of the Vinoy Resort in St. Petersburg, FL.   The resort was completely restored in 1992 and now it is time to once again refresh certain parts of the outside of the building.  The dicey thing about this job is that it is seven stories up on the outside of the building so I will be doing all the work from a swing stage.

I never worked outside seven stories high so I was curious as to how that would go.  Turns out no big deal at all.  The swing stage is so secure and easy to operate that I never felt nervous at all.

The first photo is from the swing stage all the way up to the seventh floor.  Nice view of Tampa Bay from there.

The second and third photos show the motifs I am working on. Each on is approximately six feet high and 5 feet wide. The white area of the motif is the raised part. First order of business is to scrape all the peeling paint off.  Then I will prime the area.  I did not have much time today to work as I spent all morning taking a safety class and learning the ins and outs of operating the swing stage.  I did get to do some scraping but tomorrow I will really be able to go after it.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Island Kitchen Cabinets

I finished today on the project I have working on for the past week.  I darkened the cabinets in the dining room and the island in the kitchen.  Then I matched four large corbels that were added onto the kitchen island.  I also matched two large corbels and two small ones to the wall side cabinets in the kitchen.

In this first photo you can see several aspects of this job.  The island corbels have been primed but in the background you can see the wall side corbels are still the raw wood.  There are two on the wall side and they are actually attached to a pull out shelving system for the range.  The range sets between them and when you pull out there is shelving for all the spices and such.  Notice the color of the island cabinets, they will get a lot darker.

Here is a photo showing the island corbels with the base coat on them.  In the background you can see both the wall side corbels which at this point they have been primed.

In the photo below it shows the island cabinetry and the corbels completed.  Looking at the photo above you can see how much darker I made cabinetry.

In this next photo it's actually a pretty good representation of the actual color.  The corbels ended up matching perfectly.

The next photo shows the first wall side corbel completed and the one behind it not done.  After I matched the color of the corbel to the cabinets I added the pin striping with the same color as the pin striping as in the cabinets.  You can see here what I was mentioning earlier about the shelving system.  The two smaller corbels are attached on the upper cabinets above the lower ones. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Working on Tutorial

I created my home made 'sound booth' and tested it out today.  It works great.  No background noise at all.  I am using a Blue Yeti microphone, a pop filter and a regular plastic tote lined with foam.

I have practiced with adding narration to a video and the sound is really good.  I'll have to polish my delivery of course but all in all I am happy with the quality of the narration sound.  I am not to happy with the quality of the visual part of the videos once they are loaded onto youtube.  I am really loosing a lot of detail in them.  Not sure why so its something I'll have to look into.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Painting on Kitchen Cabinets

I started on a new kitchen cabinet project this week.  I am darkening up an island in the kitchen and painting some recently installed large corbels.
The corbels were already attached to the island but had no finish on them at all.  First I primed over the raw wood and then applied a basecoat.  I would have preferred to paint the corbels before they were permanently mounted to the island but...

Regardless I got them primed, sanded and applied a basecoat.  Next I will apply a glaze to get them to look like the existing island cabinetry.  After they look like the island I will then darken them and the island cabinetry together.

So in the first photograph you can see where I have primed the corbels.  There presently is no top on the island as it is waiting for the granite.

In this second photograph I have applied the basecoat of paint.  Tomorrow I will apply the first of many glazes on the path to get the desired results.

In the dining room I added a glaze to darken this cabinetry.  The center panels are removed and this piece will be getting some beautiful glass for the doors.  So here is a before and after.  Not too much darker but noticeable.  It is also waiting for the granite top.


Monday, October 28, 2013

Update on Ebook about garage doors

This is an update on the new ebook I am working on about how to paint a typical metal garage door to look like wood.  I want to do some voiceovers on the short videos as I think it will be better than trying to explain what I am doing while I am painting.  I got this really good mic to work with but its so good it picks up every noise in the room.  After trying one voice over I thought the mic might have been bad so I called the company that made it and their tech support asked me send them a recording so they could analyze it and see if it was the mic or not.  So I did that the tech replied immediately told me it was a background noise in the room.  He said the mic is so good it will pick up stuff you can't hear with the human ear.  Nice.  He sent me a link from youtube on how to make a homemade sound booth to put the mic in so it won't pick up any background noises.  So I am in the process of getting that done before I can move on.

Friday, October 25, 2013

How to make a Bean Bag Toss

This is a great project for the kids, the grandkids  that is.  My wife, Cathy, and I like to have an annual Halloween party for the grandkids (ages 5,4 and a year and half).  So we try to make it as fun as possible and games with prizes are always a big favorite. 

So this year I decided to make a bean bag toss game for them.  It was a pretty inexpensive project in that everything I used to make it with I just used material left over from other projects.  I used some bead board left over from a kitchen project in 2011 for the main landing area to cut the holes in.  We thought it would fun to have some different shapes in various sizes. 

In the first picture you can see where I have already cut out the shapes and started to attach a 1 by 2 frame around the bead board.  I am using the back of the board for the front of the bean bag toss so it will have a smooth surface.  I did not want to use a board like plywood to cut the holes in because with the plywood you can get splinters.  Luckily I had this 1/8th inch hardboard or Masonite board handy so I did not have to go and buy some.  With that type of board you don't get any splinters and you can sand down the cut edges really smooth too.  But at an eighth of inch thick it can be flimsy so I put a 1 by 2 frame around it.

Keeping the kids in mind again like with the splinter factor I didn't want to use any nails so I glued the 1 by 2's on with a good wood glue.  

After the glue dried I primed the whole thing then painted the backside a nice bright blue.

On the front side I used chalk paint.  Again, I had all the materials and paint in my garage left over from previous projects so I didn't have to buy anything.  It was Cathy's idea to use chalk paint on the front, that way we can use brightly colored chalk to make designs and assign point levels for each opening.  Plus now that the basic shape and structure is made we can use it for all the holidays and birthdays by simply using chalk to decorate it appropriately for each occasion.  We'll probably also make some cutouts in paper to attach to it for each occasion also.  Plus with the chalkboard paint idea the kids can help decorate it with their own designs on it too,  more fun for everyone.

Ok, so I did actually spend some money after all.  We found these perfect size bean bag toss bags at the local party store.  They come 12 in a pack with 4 colors (blue - red - yellow- green) of 3 each.  They really are the perfect size and weight for the little ones.
I can't wait to see how much the grandkids will have playing and decorating this new addition to the game portfolio.