Faux Paint Entry Door To Look Like Wood

I have two regular paneled entry doors to paint to look like wood.  They are entry doors to the garages I have been working on.  I use the same technique as I do for the garage doors.  Frist I prime the doors then apply the same basecoat as the garage doors.

In the next photograph you can see how I have painted the center of the door.  I typically do both sides at once so the interior has moved along at the same pace as the exterior.
So in this next picture you can how the taping works to give a really crisp line.  I brush onto the tape because I do not want the brush stroke to stop.  Then when I peal off the tape there is a really nice edge to the painted wood grain look just like as if a wood plank had been cut to length. 
The red circles in the picture below lets you see the nice crisp edge cuts using this technique gives you. 
Following this process really gives the door a realistic wood look.

A job well done.  It takes 2 days for me to paint both sides of an entry door like this to look like wood and then apply a clear uv top coat.


  1. What do you usually charge for a door like this?

    1. Typically to paint both sides of the door its around $400.00.

  2. how well does the clear coat protect the door from chips and scuffs?

    1. Pretty well actually. I usually only apply one coat but if you are concerned about that apply two coats. It will give a whole lot longer life and just a very high degree of protection from finger prints and getting dirty.


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