Saturday, June 22, 2013

Making Good Progress On Mural

I had a decent day on the mural project.  I got all the background laid in below the skyline and finished two small areas of the foreground.  As I stated in the previous posts about this mural its in a hallway area and very difficult to get a photograph, the lighting is pretty bad and the flash blows out the color so...

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Painting a Mural to Connect Spaces.

I made a post on June 12th - about repairing a mural.  My new project with the same mural is to connect the 2 mural areas in the hallway where it is located.

The first 3 photographs show the hallway area where the mural is going.

Notice the green arrows, they are pointing to one side of the mural which is the area of the hallway I repaired on June 12th.

In the next photograph the green arrow points to where the main area of the mural is.

The next to views show the main mural.  The arched ceiling is painted all the way around to the other side and the same amount of area there has the mural too.  I have no idea who the artist was that did the original work.

So my assignment is to connect the 2 mural areas.  I got started today on the sky and as you can see in the next photograph I got a good start and an excellent match of the sky color.  Just as I mentioned in my June 12th post there are 2 main aspects of matching artwork, the first is getting the color correct and the second is to mimic the 'stroke' of the original artist.

So far so good.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

More Faux Repair Work

The last couple of days I have be repairing a faux finished room that I created 7 years ago.  Apparently the home had been rented and when the renters left they decided to patch all the holes in the walls from the artwork and pictures they had had hanging.  If they simply would have fill the holes I could have easily painted those to match the rest of the surrounding area but instead they thought they could match the faux finish and made a giant mess of it.  There were 24 areas each one approximately 12 by 12 inches square that stood out on the walls.  I have no idea why decided to do what they did but anyway I don't have pictures but I was able to fix all the areas without repainting the entire set of rooms.