Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wine Room

The wine room's cooler went bad so the replacement was installed.  The new cooler was shiny and bright and did not fit in with the aged faux wall treatment and murals.  So I took the shiny new air cooler and painted it to fit right in.  The particular section of the wine room where the cooler was installed  is high to the 12 foot ceiling.  This would have been a great before and after but I forgot to get the before shot.

A ground level photo below reveals the actual wine rack, to the left of the picture the room goes back another 6 feet.  I estimate the room would hold about 500-600 bottles.
A really nice feature of this wine room is the two top table inside.  You can enjoy a nice glass of wine in the very cool room.
Next to the wine room is a powder room.  The switch plate there (circled in blue below) was all chipping and falling apart so I painted it to match the faux stenciled pattern on the walls.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Painting The Crown Molding Finished

I was able to finish up the crown molding yesterday.  The trouble areas from bad joints came out great.  The worst area was the transition area between the straight wall the curved wall and you can't see it at all now.

Another bad joint just happened to be right above the middle of the bed (thanks Murphy) but you can't see that either after I finished.

I was also able to match the color of the other trim really, really close. Its always a healthy challenge to try and match an existing paint color when you do not know what color it is or even what paint company the paint came from. It took me 3 or 4 tries but I was able to custom mix the color so if you didn't know it you would not be able to tell it was not from the same gallon of paint.