Saturday, August 31, 2013

Faux Wood Grain Front Door

In the last 2 days I was able to strip off all the layers of paint on the exterior of the front doors and get them ready to paint like wood.  It looks to me like there were 6 layers of paint on them and I got the doors back to the original surface of having no paint on them at all.  It was quite the messy job and required mostly using the Smartstrip but then after I got down to about 2% of paint left on here and there so I sanded the rest off.  Before sanding I took some Krud Kutter and cleaned off any residue of the SmartStrip then sanded.  Whatever was left on came off right away.  The biggest challenge with this type of work is working on the panels and the trim around the windows.  Lots of scrapping and sanding there.

Then I wiped off any sanding dust and primed.

After priming I applied the base coat color of SW Toasty.  I am also painting the interior of the doors to look like wood but the existing surface on the interior was fine so I did not have to strip it.  I did however prime and apply the base coat color there also.   So a long 3 day Labor Day weekend and then on Tuesday I will start the wood graining process.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Front Door Painting

I started a new project today and its another double front door.   These doors had been faux painted to look like wood but whoever did the work used the wrong kind of paint and they cracked and faded.  Please, if you ever want to paint your front doors use a good 100% acrylic paint like Sherwin Williams exterior Superpaint and no matter what anyone says do not use any oil based paint or clear sealer and yes that means marine varnish or spar varnish.  Just do not do it.

So I was asked to make these doors look great.  This is a big project and a big challenge because the doors where actually faux wood grained twice and both times whoever did the work used an oil based product.  So the doors where painted once and they cracked and started to peel and then painted the same way again and of course started to crack and peel again. 

The only way to resolve this situation and make the front doors acceptable again is to strip off all the painting products that are on them and that is quite the job.  When I first got to the home this morning I broke out my orbital sander and started to sand off the existing finish but that was taking too long and truthfully to hard to do.  So I knew I had to use 'SmartStrip' for this job.  In this first picture you can see on the door to the left where I had sanded some.

By 3pm  I had gotten most of one door stripped and the top of the other.  What a gooey mess stripping off paint is, especially 6 layers.  I hope to get it all off both doors by the end of the day tomorrow.