Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Painting on Kitchen Cabinets

I started on a new kitchen cabinet project this week.  I am darkening up an island in the kitchen and painting some recently installed large corbels.
The corbels were already attached to the island but had no finish on them at all.  First I primed over the raw wood and then applied a basecoat.  I would have preferred to paint the corbels before they were permanently mounted to the island but...

Regardless I got them primed, sanded and applied a basecoat.  Next I will apply a glaze to get them to look like the existing island cabinetry.  After they look like the island I will then darken them and the island cabinetry together.

So in the first photograph you can see where I have primed the corbels.  There presently is no top on the island as it is waiting for the granite.

In this second photograph I have applied the basecoat of paint.  Tomorrow I will apply the first of many glazes on the path to get the desired results.

In the dining room I added a glaze to darken this cabinetry.  The center panels are removed and this piece will be getting some beautiful glass for the doors.  So here is a before and after.  Not too much darker but noticeable.  It is also waiting for the granite top.


Monday, October 28, 2013

Update on Ebook about garage doors

This is an update on the new ebook I am working on about how to paint a typical metal garage door to look like wood.  I want to do some voiceovers on the short videos as I think it will be better than trying to explain what I am doing while I am painting.  I got this really good mic to work with but its so good it picks up every noise in the room.  After trying one voice over I thought the mic might have been bad so I called the company that made it and their tech support asked me send them a recording so they could analyze it and see if it was the mic or not.  So I did that the tech replied immediately told me it was a background noise in the room.  He said the mic is so good it will pick up stuff you can't hear with the human ear.  Nice.  He sent me a link from youtube on how to make a homemade sound booth to put the mic in so it won't pick up any background noises.  So I am in the process of getting that done before I can move on.