Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Project Started

I started on a new project today.  I will be restoring  motifs rendered in eight relief sculptures on the front of the Vinoy Resort in St. Petersburg, FL.   The resort was completely restored in 1992 and now it is time to once again refresh certain parts of the outside of the building.  The dicey thing about this job is that it is seven stories up on the outside of the building so I will be doing all the work from a swing stage.

I never worked outside seven stories high so I was curious as to how that would go.  Turns out no big deal at all.  The swing stage is so secure and easy to operate that I never felt nervous at all.

The first photo is from the swing stage all the way up to the seventh floor.  Nice view of Tampa Bay from there.

The second and third photos show the motifs I am working on. Each on is approximately six feet high and 5 feet wide. The white area of the motif is the raised part. First order of business is to scrape all the peeling paint off.  Then I will prime the area.  I did not have much time today to work as I spent all morning taking a safety class and learning the ins and outs of operating the swing stage.  I did get to do some scraping but tomorrow I will really be able to go after it.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Island Kitchen Cabinets

I finished today on the project I have working on for the past week.  I darkened the cabinets in the dining room and the island in the kitchen.  Then I matched four large corbels that were added onto the kitchen island.  I also matched two large corbels and two small ones to the wall side cabinets in the kitchen.

In this first photo you can see several aspects of this job.  The island corbels have been primed but in the background you can see the wall side corbels are still the raw wood.  There are two on the wall side and they are actually attached to a pull out shelving system for the range.  The range sets between them and when you pull out there is shelving for all the spices and such.  Notice the color of the island cabinets, they will get a lot darker.

Here is a photo showing the island corbels with the base coat on them.  In the background you can see both the wall side corbels which at this point they have been primed.

In the photo below it shows the island cabinetry and the corbels completed.  Looking at the photo above you can see how much darker I made cabinetry.

In this next photo it's actually a pretty good representation of the actual color.  The corbels ended up matching perfectly.

The next photo shows the first wall side corbel completed and the one behind it not done.  After I matched the color of the corbel to the cabinets I added the pin striping with the same color as the pin striping as in the cabinets.  You can see here what I was mentioning earlier about the shelving system.  The two smaller corbels are attached on the upper cabinets above the lower ones. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Working on Tutorial

I created my home made 'sound booth' and tested it out today.  It works great.  No background noise at all.  I am using a Blue Yeti microphone, a pop filter and a regular plastic tote lined with foam.

I have practiced with adding narration to a video and the sound is really good.  I'll have to polish my delivery of course but all in all I am happy with the quality of the narration sound.  I am not to happy with the quality of the visual part of the videos once they are loaded onto youtube.  I am really loosing a lot of detail in them.  Not sure why so its something I'll have to look into.