Friday, December 20, 2013

Garage Door Painting Project Finished

I finished up today on the project where I painted a garage door to look like wood.  I had intended to paint the beveled areas around the panels a little darker today.  It's a technique I call 'picture framing' because it sort of picture frames the center of each panel.  The clients were on the fence about doing that and when I got there this morning they decided that the door was absolutely perfect they way it was and they didn't want to change a thing.  So I sealed the door with an acrylic uv sealer and finished up.

I would say about half the time I paint a garage door to look like wood I picture frame the panels.  It seems to be something folks are evenly split about as far as how it looks.  Of course each home is different in 'look' so that it applies more to some than others.

This is a picture of the completed door.  I am very happy with it and so are the homeowners, yipee!

Paint a garage door to look like wood

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tampa Painting Project Almost Compete

I got the current garage door painted to look like wood project almost complete today.  The entire door is wood grained but tomorrow I will 'picture frame' the individual panels and then seal it with an acrylic uv sealer.

The garage door was painted to look like a lighter toned wood.  Actually it was painted to match the front door and if you look at the second picture I think you can agree the garage door matches the front door really well.

How to paint a garage door to look like wood.

Paint garage door to look like wood.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Painting Wood Panels On Door

I had a good day on painting the garage door to look like wood.  I got the top two rows of panels done so I am happy about that.   If all goes well I should finish the panels tomorrow by painting the bottom two rows.

This garage door is going to be painted like a walnut wood look so there is very little red in the brown.

Garage door painted to look like wood.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Beginning to Paint a Garage Door

I got started this week on a new project to paint a garage door to look like wood.  Actually I started the job on Friday with the prep work.  Ordinarily I do not take on a garage door in the condition this one was in.  This garage door had been painted to look like wood but whoever did the work used the wrong products and it cracked and peeled in less than a year.  This garage door is not a steel door it is a wood composite and so you can sand on this type of door which makes it feasible to remove the  oil based products that were applied to it.

That is why you need to use the correct products when painting on garage doors.  When you use the right products the work will last indefinitely.

Here is a shot of the garage door mostly cleaned up and by cleaned up I mean all the oil based product taken off it except for those 4 beveled areas on the panels.

Garage door painted to look like wood.

You can see how the oil based products are cracking and peeling up.  The whole door basically looked like that when I started.  In order to get it off I used a sander on all the flat areas which took about a half day.  Then I had to scrap and sand off the beveled areas around each panel.  That took 2 and a half days mostly because I had to hand scrap and sand because there was no way to get a sander in there effectively. As an example it took two hours to clean up the four beveled areas shown.

Garage door painted to look like wood.

So I finally got the garage door cleaned up and then primed the entire door.  You can see the nice light gray primer on the top two rows.

Painting a garage door to look like wood.

After the primer dried I applied the basecoat paint.  For this garage door I used a Sherwin Williams color called Tatami Tan.  You can see in the next picture how that looks.  Tomorrow I will start on the wood graining.

Garage door painted to look like wood.