Sunday, August 24, 2014

Clavos On Front Doors

On July 3rd I posted about a project where I had painted two front doors to look like aged wood.  They were a green color and I created a new look for them.  You can see them here.  After they were painted the homeowner purchased clavos to apply to the individual panels on each door.  There are 15 small panels on each door and so a clavo was applied in the center of each panel.  This past week I went back and installed the clavos.  It really makes a big difference and I love the hammered look they have.


  1. Hello! Where were the clavos purchased? Thank you

    1. Those clavos were purchased online by the home owner. is one spot.

      This is another site

      Here's another site

      One thing about using the clavos is there will be a like a nail out the back and you pound the clavo in the door. Use a rubber mallet.

      With those doors on this page I had to actually use a big bolt cutter and cut the nail stud out the back of the clavo because it was too long for the door. It would have actually gone thru the door.

      So after I cut it about in half I got a drill bit just a little smaller than the nail stud out the back of the clavo. I pre drilled the hole for the nail stud being careful not to go thru the door. That made it a lot easier to install.
      Hope this helps.