Sunday, August 31, 2014

Paint Garage Door and Front Door to Match

I completed a project last week which was to paint two single car garage doors to look like wood and then to paint the double front doors to match them.  This beautiful home on the waters of Tampa Bay is getting a total remodel.  I mean total, new everything, floors, the kitchen was gutted and replaced, bathrooms gutted and replaced, walls moved around inside and on and on.

Part of the new look was to paint the garage doors to look like wood.  They were in good shape so they didn't need to get replaced.  The landscaping was not done when I took these photos so you can see the little planter between the doors will get some nice plants there at some point.

Sometimes when I am painting a garage door to look like wood I paint the trim around the door and sometimes I do not.  It depends on the situation.  In this case  the trim was in bad shape so it got replaced.   Then I painted it to match the doors.  The trim I am talking about is indicated by the red arrow in the next photo.  As you can see the garage doors also have this really nice cast stone around them.  The blue arrow indicates a strip between the door trim and the stone that was painted the house color but really that did not look that great to have a different color in there so I painted it to match the cast stone and it looks a lot better like that because now it reads as one unit.

Often when I paint a garage door to look like wood I paint the front door to match.  These doors where a honey oak look and I was able to totally transform them into a darker wood by painting them using the same technique as with the garage doors.  Those door handles are new also.

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