Saturday, March 8, 2014

Two Single Garage Doors

Last week I painted the front entry doors on this beautiful home.  This coming week I am going to paint the two single garage doors to match the walnut wood look I created on the front doors.  When possible I like to start all my garage door painting projects on a Friday.  That way the base coat of paint has all weekend to dry before I start to create the wood grain look.  Sometimes it does not work out and I have to start the next day after applying the base coat of paint.  However, I find that if the base coat of paint dries for a few days it is easier to paint over when creating the wood grain look.  So in the photograph you can see that I have painted the base coat of  SW Toasty on the garage doors.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Painting Front Doors To Look Like Wood

I was able to finish up on a front door project today.  I have been creating a wood grain look on two front doors.  These doors were painted with colors that I use to simulate a Walnut type of wood.  I created the wood grain look on the exterior and interior of the doors and the door trim.

The doors are a fiberglass composite and they were finished off with some sort of oil based poly that had a very orangish tone to it.  So the first thing I did was to clean them, then sand and prime.  After the primer dried I applied a basecoat of paint.  I used a SW color called Toasty.  In the picture below the doors are ready to start the wood grain creation technique.

When I work on doors like these I always start from the inside out.  I want to paint the trim around the windows and any panels first.  These are over sized doors as far as the height goes so I needed a ladder for this job.

In this next photograph you can see how I applied the first coat of brown over the base coat of paint.  I use Java for a Walnut look.  When that dries I use Turkish Coffee for the second and darker brown.  When the wood grain work is completely done I apply a 100% acrylic UV clear coat over it.

The doors came out great and the client loved them.