Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Two Single Garage Doors Faux Painted To Look Like Wood

The project I have been working was completed this week.  I painted a wood grain look on two single car garage doors.  Now the garage doors match the front doors I painted the week before.

Here is a photo of the completed doors.  The front doors are set off to the right.

When I paint a garage door to look like wood I try to make the direction of the wood grain go the way it would go if the door was make of real wood.   So in the picture below you can see part of that process.  I use lots of tape when creating a wood look on a garage door and the reason is I do not want any paint strokes to overlap on a previously painted surface.  So I tape the areas I am currently on to avoid that.  You can see in the circle that I am working on the vertical spaces between the panels.  If the door where indeed real wood these spaces would have a vertical wood grain direction.  When I tape off I like to leave about a 1/16th of an inch of the horizontal pattern exposed indicated by the white arrows.  That way when I am all done there are no unpainted lines or areas.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Very Productive Day

I had a great day today.  Very productive day painting a garage door to look like wood.  This is a photograph of a single car garage door that is 5 rows high.  I was able to create the wood grain effect on the entire door today.  Of course the door had been previously primed and base coat painted.

I have another one just like this to start on tomorrow.  I am going to be surprised if I can get as much done tomorrow as today.  Typically it takes longer than one day to create a wood effect on an entire door but everything went prefectly today.