Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Paint White Crown Molding To Look Like Wood

I finished up on a small job today.  The project this time was to paint white crown molding to look like wood in the living room and dining room.  There are always challenges with every project and when I go into a home sometimes working around the existing furniture is the biggest challenge.  I had a lot of moving of couches, chairs and tables around however,  keeping the paint off the white ceiling and the faux painted walls and window treatments was the biggest challenge of this job.  The 10 foot ceilings were little problem to get to but in order to insure I didn't get any paint on the ceiling itself or the walls I ran a line of tape under and over the crown.  Doing this gave me a super nice straight edge too.

You can see the white crown here in the first photo.

The next two photos are the same area but finished.

Just look at the nice straight and crisp lines the tape gives you.  I only use tape that is designated for delicate surfaces.  After the job was completed you absolutely could not tell the crown was white before I started.  It looks just like natural wood now.

Here was a nice little challenge, to get behind this light fixture with enough room to paint the crown.  I managed but barely.

Another before and after section of the job.