Saturday, October 18, 2014

Painting Both Garage Doors Complete

I was able to complete painting both the double garage door and the single garage door to look like wood this week.  And even though I use a top quality exterior paint I got them both sealed with a UV clear acrylic coating also.  I apply the UV clear top coat because I always go the extra mile to give my clients the best performance possible out of the paint job.  It also makes it much easier to keep clean and looking new.

Here are some photos of the single car garage door I painted to look like wood.  The first one shows how I have taped off then entire door so I can paint the center panels of each row.

The next two photos show how I have created the wood grain look by first using the Terra Brun brown color then the Black Bean color over that.

After I get the center panels finished I re-position the tape on the ends of the panels and paint the vertical wood grain pattern in the space between the panels.

Once the rows of panels are completely painted to look like wood I then paint the space between the panels with a horizontal wood grain pattern and finish up the door by painting a vertical wood grain in the vertical space left at each side of the door.

Here is a photo of both garage doors painted to look like wood and the great driveway courtyard area  which is located on the side of the home.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Finished Painting Over Sized Two Car Garage Door

I got the large two car garage door painted to look like wood and sealed the paint job with Masterclear Supreme, a 100% UV acrylic clear coat.  

After painting the wood grain on all the panels and the space between the panels I then tape off and paint a horizontal grain pattern in the space between the rows of panels.  In the first photo you can see how I have the top horizontal grain painted in with the first coat of the wood grain color.  After that dries I apply the second wood grain color. Then I open the garage door high enough to get to the bottom spaces.  I do that so I don't have to bend down or get down on my hands and knees to paint that area.

This next photo is a good close up view of the process.

The next four photos show the completed garage door painted to look like wood.  Funny story is a friend of the homeowner came by last night after I got done and was telling the home owner how much he liked the new wood garage doors and was wondering  how heavy they were and all.  So the homeowner tells him it's the same doors just painted to look like wood and the friend wouldn't believe him until he rapped his knuckles on the door.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Painting An Over Sized Garage Door

I started a new job last week painting two over sized garage doors to look like wood.  One door is a double car garage door and the other is a single car garage door.  These are big doors.  They each are five rows high and the space between the panels is larger than normal also so the doors have a really high opening.

The first photo is the door after I got done cleaning it.  The door had been previously painted  as the same color of the home.  After cleaning the door really well I applied the base coat color.

In the next photo you can see how I have taped off the top three rows of panels.  I did the next day after the base coat of paint had time to thoroughly dry.  In my instructional tutorial on how to paint a garage door to look like wood I go over the taping off of the panels in great detail.  I have written instructions there plus photographs and most importantly I have several videos showing the technique I use and the reasons why I apply the tape the way I do.  The base coat of paint I used here is a Sherwin Williams color called Toasty.  It will give the wood grain look that warmth of real wood.

In the next photo I have painted in the horizontal grain in the center panels of the top three rows with the first color of wood grain brown that I use.  On this door the first color is a SW color called Terra Brun.  I have many short videos in my tutorial on my exact painting technique to achieve this look.

In the next photo you can see the panels are now darker.  I have applied the second coat of wood grain color which is again a SW color called Black Bean.  I use a very little amount of this color and put it on lightly.

The reason I tape off the panels is that I do not want the wood grain pattern to overlap onto the space between the center panels.  That space will get a vertical grain pattern.  The red arrow shows how I go past the end of the panel with the paint stroke onto the tape.  That is the best way to avoid any start and stop paint stroke marks on the panels.   The green arrows indicate the edge of the center of the panels.  When I tape off the area between the panels I put the tape right up to that lip but not on it.

This next photo shows the same panels but with the tape re-positioned to paint the vertical grain.  When I do that I leave about a 1/16 of an inch exposed as you can see indicated by the red arrows.  That way when I paint in the vertical grain it will overlap a tiny amount so there will be no unpainted base coat showing.

The next photo shows how I have painted in the space between the center panels with a vertical grain pattern.

A closer look at the vertical grain painting.

The next photo is the same panels after the second coat of dark brown (Black Bean) is on and the tape taken off.  This door is really coming out nice, just look at how much those panels look like real wood.

The last photo shows how much work I got done in one day painting the garage door to look like wood.  That is one heck of a lot work for one day and I am really happy I got that much done.  I went back today to carry on but got rained out after only an hour, so not much done today.   I hope the rain clears out tomorrow and I can carry on.