Monday, May 11, 2015

Paint Kitchen Cabinets To Look Like Wood

I completed a project in which I painted some off white kitchen cabinets to look like a dark wood grain.  This first picture shows the competed job.  I just painted the island in the center of the kichen.  This island has 6 doors and 6 drawers on the front side and 2 more tall slim doors on the backside.

paint kitchen cabinets

The rest of the kitchen cabinets are an off white with pinstripes.  Here is a picture of a door on the island before I started to create the wood grain look.

Here is a picture of a door once I finished creating the wood grain look.

painted kitchen cabinet door

The next two photos show the completed island cabinets.

paint kitchen cabinets like wood

end of island kitchen cabinets painted to look like wood

The next two photos show a before and after of the back of kitchen cabinets.

Some before and after closeups of a door corner.

wood grain pained on kitchen cabinet

Here is a nice closeup of how the wood grain came out on one of the doors.  Really looks good.

wood grain painted on kitchen cabinets

 Painting white kitchen cabinets to look like wood is one of the biggest type projects I take on.  It takes me a long time create this look but just like with this island the effort pays off.