Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Painting Stairs To Look Like Wood - part two

The stair project is complete.  I painted the stairs, the landing and the handrails to look like an espresso wood.  Creating this espresso wood tone on the stairs was a challenge but in the end they came out looking great.  One of the biggest challenges with this project was that I had to stand on a lower step and bend over to paint a step two up from the one I was standing on.  Bending over all day was a back breaker for sure.  I tried to sit on a lower step and paint one higher but sitting did not give the angle I needed to create the wood grain look.

This series of photos starts at the top of the stairs and works its way done. If you look at the previous post on this which I posted last week, you can see the huge difference it made creating this wood look on the stairs as opposed to the battleship grey they were when I started.

All in all creating the wood grain on the stairs gives this section of the home a great new look.