Friday, September 16, 2016

Shaker Style Garage Door Painted Like Wood

I recently finished painting a Shaker style garage door to look like wood.  I also painted the double front doors to match.

Here is a shot of both of the projects seen from the street view.  It was hard to get them both in the same photo and still see any detail but here they are together.  It was a cloudy day because tropical storm Hermine was passing by.

In the next photo you can see where I have painted in the top row to look like wood.  The first panel indicated by the white arrow is complete.  The other panels on the top row have been almost painted with all the steps.  If you look at the panel with the red arrow you can see the darker lines of the wood grain pattern but it is not as rich in wood grain as the first panel there.  I will go back and add another level of wood grain painting to get the rest of the panels on the top row to look as rich in wood grain as the first panel.

This next photo is a better look at the finished panel and then a look at a panel right below it which has the first pass of the wood grain color that was painted over the base coat color I had applied to the door.  Actually the first thing I painted to look like wood was the wood trim that goes around all the panels, then I painted in the panels themselves.

The next photo shows the completed garage door painted to look like wood.  This color scheme is based on the color of the kitchen cabinets inside the home.

 The front doors were painted to match.  The window above the front doors had a white trim around it and I painted that to match also.

A closer view of the wood grain pattern.

Another look at the front doors painted to look like wood.