Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Seven Pieces of Driftwood

I finished creating a new sculpture this past week.  The piece measures 20 inches (50.8 cm) wide, 24 inches (60.96 cm) high and 3 inches (7.62 cm) deep.  It is created with construction materials and found objects.

There is some very interesting woodworking going on with this new piece.  My main woodworking tool besides the circular saw is the grinder.  I find it very versatile with all the different discs available.

The color behind the found driftwood pieces adds a really nice spark.

wood sculpture with found objects

With this side view you can see how the piece trims out.

aged wood sculpture with found objects

 A close-up of the seven driftwood pieces I found at the beach for this sculpture.

detail showing driftwood for wood sculpture

 Rummaging through my tools and shed I found the spring and wrench, a great addition to the work.

detail showing aged wrench and spring on new wood sculpture

Monday, December 9, 2019

Warrior Shield Sculpture

I completed creating a new sculpture this past week.  It is inspired by African Warrior Shields. This wood sculpture was created with construction materials and found objects.  It measures 27 inches (.68 m) wide, 66 inches (1.68 m) high and 3 inches (7.62 cm) deep.

warrior shield wood sculpture

The three pieces of found driftwood represent three spears.  They are installed in the center quiver.

warrior shield sculpture
Here are some closeups. This first one is a good photo to show the woodworking on the surface of the piece.  I sculpted it to have a hand hewn look.

closeup of warrior shield sculpture

closeup of warrior shield sculpture

The metal straps were fabricated from a piece of sheet metal which I cut by hand and aged.

closeup of warrior shield sculpture

This is a picture to show relative size.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Ancient Woodworkers

Woodworkers have been around for a long time.  In fact woodworking is the oldest profession irregardless of what you my have heard. Starting with Homo erectus 2.5 million years ago the legacy of mankind has been built on the back of working with the most versatile of all natural materials, wood.

The Schoningen spears made by Neanderthals 340,000 years ago.

A milestone in woodworking is the invention of the javelin.  For over a million years early human species had been using wood spears for hunting and defense against predators.  These where called 'thrusting spears' and as the name implies were held and used to jab and thrust towards prey and against predators in defense.

Then someone along the line got the great idea of throwing it.  Eureka!  A whole new world opened up.   Turns out that the Neanderthals could make javelins with stone tools to almost the exact same specifications than modern day long-distance javelins are made to. This greatly increased the ability to defend and feed themselves.

If you would like to know the full story on the development of the throwing spear check out my post here on my Anthropology blog.

Unearthing the Neanderthal javelins.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Could Be A Bone

This is a new Wabi-Sabi inspired sculpture I had finished recently.  It is titled 'Could Be A Bone' because the top found object looks like it could be a bone but it's actually a small piece of driftwood I found at the beach.

The piece measures 9.5 inches high (24.13 cm), 9 inches wide (22.86 cm) and 1.5 inches deep (3.81 cm).  It sits on a marble stone base.  Created from construction materials and found objects.

small Wabi-Sabi sculpture

Wabi-Sabi sculpture

Wabi-Sabi small sculpture

Wabi-Sabi sculpture

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Three Things

I have finished a few more Wabi Sabi sculptures this week.  This one is titled 'Three Things'.
It measures 6.5 inches high by 4.5 inches wide and 2 inches deep.

Made from lumber, nails, wire, braided rope and was painted with acrylic paint.  It is mounted on a marble tile plate.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Wabi Sabi Sculpture

For the last several years I have been developing a new body of work based on the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi Sabi.  Wabi Sabi means finding the beauty of life in simple, rustic imperfections and accepting the impermanence of things.

I have just recently began to show them and I have to say I am very happy with the response.  Some are large and some are small.  This first piece is 44 inches high.

I like working on a smaller scale also.  This next one is only 3.5 inches high.

The next work is a small wall hanging piece that is 15 inches high.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Paint double Front Doors to Look Like Wood

These first two pictures show what happens when you use oil based products on the exterior of doors. What happens is the sun will bake the doors and the UV light will break down any oil based products in short order.  Here in Florida typically if the sun gets on the doors they will last less than a year before they need to be refinished when an oil based product has been used.

 Here is a closer look at what happens.  These doors are made of fiberglass and are not wood in the first place.  It wouldn't matter however, the same thing happens whatever the substrate is.  The sad part is homeowners get bad advice on painting.  Even door manufactures will recommend using a product like 'gel stain' and then coating with an exterior clear coat of marine varnish or something like that.  Total mistake.  Never use an oil based product.

So I really can't stand stripping down doors but I had painted this homeowners garage doors several years ago and he asked me to 'fix' the front door and paint it to match the garage doors I had painted to look like wood.  It took 2 days with an orbital sander and a heat gun to get all the paint off have the door down to the original fiberglass skin.  You can use chemicals if you want to strip but that takes just as long and is way more messy.

I finally got them cleaned up and primed then base coated with the same color I had base coated the garage doors with.

I used Sherwin Williams exterior acrylic paint.  The base is Toasty, the first color brown for the wood grain is Terra Brun and the second color for the darker grain is Black Bean.  When I finished all the wood grain painting on the doors I sealed them with an acrylic UV clear coat.

 The doors came out great and matched the garage doors I had done years before and now they will last 15-20 years before they start to look shabby.