An Expression of Love, Vol. 2 - Woodworking Tutorial

This is the second volume in the 'An Expression of Love' tutorial series. This second tutorial has a detailed, step by step set of instructions that will allow you to create a completely different small wood sculpture from the first tutorial in this series. 

This fun new sculpture is a desktop or tabletop work of art that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Here is a picture of both sides.  This wood sculpture stands 9 inches high and sits on a 3 by 6 inch marble stone base.  The title of this artwork is 'Love Note'.  The title reflects the scrolled love note at the top of the piece.

small table top DIY wood sculpture
The Heart Side

You love to work with your hands and that's a good thing. There is a ton of satisfaction and enjoyment in creating something special from nothing.

The way you will create this work gives it a warmth that cannot be achieved any other way.  And that’s the endearing beauty of something created by hand as opposed to a ‘product’ pumped out by a robotic machine in a factory somewhere. 

Buy the tutorial 'An Expression of Love Vol. 2' now. The complete step by step tutorial is only $15.00, click the button here. 


small wood sculpture on shelf

There are tons of items you buy as a gift for someone special in your life for all those celebratory occasions.  We do that all the time for Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and Birthdays or just because you want to say, ‘I love you’.

Those gifts are appreciated for sure. But if you want to endear yourself with someone special, make something by hand. After all, a handwritten note of affection will always go over better than a printed card. 

If you really want to be a Hero, create something special for someone special. 

I am going to show you how to create a unique and endearing symbol of love that will be cherished for a lifetime.  You have never seen one of these wood sculptures before because I created it and now I am going to show you how I did.

small desktop wood DIY sculpture
Hugs and Kisses Side

This very approachable tutorial is an extremely detailed step by step explanation of the entire process.  

You can create a beautifully constructed and painted wood sculpture.  The tutorial is over 60 written pages, it has 38 beautiful still photographs with 43 small videos totaling 103 minutes in length. 

I have to say that one of the annoying things about a lot of the online tutorials you will read or watch is that there is always a gap between some steps.  They omit critical information sometimes and it leaves you scratching your head trying to figure out how did they get from A to C without B.

The painting steps going from left to right in the photo below are described with 8 pages of text, 5 photos and 19 minutes of video from 9 separate videos.

painting steps for small sculpture

And that is just one small part of the tutorial.

I have you covered.  I didn't leave anything out.  It is all there in print, photos and videos.  The tutorial not only covers the woodworking but also exhaustive step by step painting instructions.

Buy the tutorial 'An Expression of Love Vol. 2' now. The complete step by step tutorial is only $15.00, click the button here. 


You do need some familiarity with a grinder, a drill, and optionally a power saw.  Other than those you only need some common hand tools.  All the materials are inexpensive and can be purchased at a big box home improvement store and an arts and crafts store like Michaels.  

The heart is made from copper and patinaed.  The tutorial shows you how to make the heart and create a patina on it with miracle grow or do like I did with hearts in the picture and paint it to look like patina.

copper hearts painted to look like patina
Copper Hearts Painted to Look Like Patina

You may look at the photos and think to yourself, "I can't paint like that".  I am here to tell you, you can.  I show you how and you will be able to follow it along and create a stunning piece of work.

The tutorial starts off with how to cut and shape the raw wood stock.  You will get tips on picking out the wood then several small videos and several still photographs accompany the written explanation of how to get the wood ready to paint.

compare raw cut end of wood to sanded end

If you feel confident painting but feel like you can not shape the wood stock like I have done I am sure you know someone with the right tools that would help you out. 

What I am trying to say is - do not be inhibited from trying because you haven't done this before.  That is what the tutorial is all about, to stretch your woodworking and painting skills.

When you give this gift to someone, they will immediately feel the hands-on effort it took to create it.  You know this from your own life experience in that you are easily able to spot a handmade work as opposed to a factory product.  There will be something there, something of you while you are in the process of creating that somehow, someway attaches itself to your hand-crafted creation.  

Whatever it is, this honesty, this presence, cannot be duplicated in any way by a machine.  And you know that to be true and not bs because you’ve felt this experience yourself many times.

That is what we are doing here and that is what we are giving.  It’s not only a beautiful and heartfelt gift but it also is a part of you that you are giving.  It’s a part of you that says I cherish you, I value you, I love you.  That essence, that aura, whatever it is will be intuitively perceived and appreciated by the person who is fortunate enough to receive this endearing Expression of Love.

small wood sculpture on book shelf

Buy the tutorial 'An Expression of Love Vol. 2' now. The complete step by step tutorial is only $15.00, click the button here.


Here is a look at the chapters in the book.

Chapter One - Cutting and Shaping the Wood
This chapter explains how to pick out the wood stock and then shape it and cut to length.  It explains how to sand the wood with a sanding disc and the grinder and finally how to seal the raw wood stock the perfect way to prep it for painting.

Chapter Two - Create the Patinaed Copper Hearts
To some this chapter will be worth getting the whole tutorial.  I show you how to create small copper hearts from thin copper sheets and explain in detail the two best ways, bar none, to patina the copper.

Chapter Three - 'Love Note'
This chapter shows you in detail how to take the shaped wood stock and create heart shaped areas on one side and the other side create a block pattern at the edge and hugs and kisses center.

Chapter Four - Painting 'Love Note'
This chapter explains in text, shows in photo and video how to paint each side of the sculpture.  It is very exhaustive in the step by step procedure, giving all the colors and techniques used.  This chapter explains how to create the Love Note itself and how it is attached to the rest of the piece.  And finally this chapter explains how to attach the marble stone base, paint and seal it.


Appendix One - Embellishments
This appendix talks about the various ways to personalize your gift.

Appendix Two - List of Videos
This appendix has a list and link to all 43 videos in the tutorial.

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