How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets


How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets With The Painted Furniture Look

This tutorial is about how to paint a set of kitchen cabinets by creating what is called 'The Painted Furniture Look' or Shabby Chic or Distressed Look.  Take a look at the picture below.  This is the end result of a step by step procedure fully explained in the tutorial with 97 pages of text, 49 still photographs and over 98 minutes of short videos averaging 2 minutes in length.  An internet connection is required to view the videos.

The kitchen cabinet door shown below started out being a typical white door with no chips out of it nor did it have an aged look at all, it simply was a kitchen door painted white before it was transformed.

If you would like to make a bold statement with a set of kitchen cabinets or rescue an older chipped set of kitchen cabinets and transform them into a designer look, this is the tutorial for you.  Using the step by step procedure in this tutorial you can also paint bathroom vanities, dressers and other household furniture.

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*** You do not have to sand or prime to achieve this beautiful look.  I will explain why in the tutorial. ***

The kitchen is the heart of the home. 

That is not an opinion, that is a fact.  Polling indicates that over 30% of people spend the major part of their time at home in the kitchen.  People spend more than half the time visiting with their friends in the kitchen instead of the living room.  The kitchen is not just a room to cook and eat in.  The kitchen is the most valued room in the home.

When you want to give your kitchen a facelift, painting the kitchen cabinets is the most cost effective option.

The 'Painted Furniture Look' is something most people are aware of and you either like it or you don't.  It does make a bold, strong statement.  If you are looking to revive a tired kitchen or to create a whole new look in your kitchen this is one of the styles you should consider.

Chances are if you have read this far you might have a piece of painted furniture in your home but you may have never considered painting your kitchen cabinets with the same look.

A look at the tutorial chapter by chapter.

I have created this tutorial to be exhaustive in explaining the step by step procedure I used to paint this set of kitchen cabinets.  Some of the information will be obvious but some of the steps you probably have never thought about.  

When you open the ebook page 1 is the cover and page 2 is the table of contents.  Because this is an ebook all the chapters are links you can jump to.  There is a link at the top of each page to get you back to the table of contents at any time.

After the toc there is a short forward and the introduction to the tutorial.  In the introduction I explain the whole job and the reasoning behind creating the 'Painted Furniture Look' with this set of kitchen cabinets.

Chapter One:  Preparation

This chapter explains how to prepare for the job of painting your kitchen cabinets.  I go over the most important details and show you photographs to help with the explanation.  I go over why you do not have to (nor should you) sand or prime to get this look.  I talk about tools and materials.  It is vitally important to keep all the doors and drawer fronts organized and I go over what I do to achieve that.

Chapter Two:  Painting
After the kitchen cabinets are prepared I explain how I go about the painting process.  I have many short videos that show in exact detail every step of the process.  I explain and show how to make your own chalk paint very inexpensively and give you the source for the materials.  The tutorial will show you my entire setup that I use to paint kitchen cabinet doors and I explain how you can make it for yourself with very little effort and cost.  I explain the best way to handle the doors and lay them for drying.

I show with video how I get the chipped look without sanding on the front of the doors and the tools I use.

There is almost an hour of many short length videos showing the complete painting process in an easy and clear to understand step by step manner.  In this chapter I explain the steps of using a wet and dry rag to fine tune the look to be exactly what you want.  Once you understand this technique you will be able to easily control the development of the final outcome you are trying to create.  I show a very quick and easy way to paint the edges of the doors.  

Chapter Three: Painting The Framework
After you've spent some considerable time searching on the web you will realize that no one actually talks about painting the framework of the kitchen cabinets.  Here I have a chapter on that with videos and still photographs explain the different tips and tricks.  When painting kitchen cabinets I do not paint the inside of them, I only paint the front facing framework and the doors and drawer fronts and any other architectural features a kitchen might have.  The only time I paint inside the framework is when some of the doors might have glass fronts or there are shelves exposed with no doors.  In this kitchen both of features are present.   So I talk about that in this chapter.

Chapter Four:  Clear Sealer
With this chapter I go over why you always want to use a good clear sealer when painting your kitchen cabinets regardless of the paint you use.  I give the name of the clear coat I use and I have some videos of the application.  The difference between using the right clear sealer or not is this.  If you did not use a clear coat when someone sees the good job you have done and touches it they will say, "Wow, you did a good job painting your cabinets."   With the right clear sealer they will say, "Wow, you bought new cabinets!"

Chapter Five:  The Finished Kitchen
In this chapter I show off the completed kitchen cabinets with videos and still photographs.

Chapter Six:  Conclusion
A short conclusion.

Appendix:  List of Videos
The appendix is a list of all the videos in the tutorial by number.  It has a short description of the video and the length of each one.  I put this appendix in so that if someone has a question about a particular step you can tell me what number the video is so I will know what part of the process you are referring too.

The complete step by step instructions are only $10.00, click the button here:


Here are two photographs showing a before and after of the same section of the kitchen cabinets.

There are many different profiles of kitchen cabinet doors. The profile of the door for this tutorial is actually one of the hardest profiles to work on.  So if your kitchen doors do not look like the one in this tutorial then creating this look will be easier for you.  The same steps and techniques apply for painting kitchen cabinets no matter what profile your doors have.

The cost of this tutorial is $10.00. (That is about the cost of a fast food meal)  

You can see millions of blog posts and videos about how to paint furniture with this look but there are none on painting this look with kitchen cabinets.  This tutorial also has the benefit of being applicable to painting dressers, tables, vanities and other pieces of furniture around the home.

This tutorial and painting technique works best with kitchen cabinets that are already painted a solid color of white or off white or a color not darker than a medium tone.

This painting technique cannot be used with Formica, laminate cabinets or any cabinets with some sort of plastic or pvc coating.  The kitchen cabinets have to be of wood and not coated particle board or any kind of pressed wood.

The complete step by step instructions are only $10.00, click the button here:



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