Robert Schott

 I create artwork for you.  

Honestly, I feel compelled to create art every day.  As it turns out the work I create is artwork most people really like.  That's why I say I create artwork for you.  The biggest feedback I get from folks who have purchased my artwork is that it makes them feel good, plain and simple, it makes them feel good to have the work in their home or business and be able to see it everyday.

You appreciate more than one type of artwork and so do I.  Over the last four decades I have explored different mediums and have a solid body of work in three; painting, sculpture and ceramics. 


My first body of work was focused on painting.  After you scroll down you can see some of my original paintings.  

white egret and palms, Robert Schott

You can see available work on my Etsy gallery, Everything I Create Now.


Before, during and for a while after my college education I worked in the construction industry as a carpenter. I am so grateful for all those years in construction because I learned a variety of skills that have served me well throughout my long career as an artist.

I studied many ancient cultural belief systems while getting my degree in Anthropology and as you know, for whatever reasons, certain things just 'speak to you'.  My sculpture work is a marriage between my love of creating art and my affinity towards the ancient Japanese aesthetic of  Wabi-Sabi, which is the beauty of  things unconventional, modest and humble.

This sculpture is the opposite of the predictability and uniformity of  manufactured goods.  Created with recycled and repurposed materials they display a strength of character.  The work asks you to slow down and contemplate the exceptional beauty of rustic, primitive surfaces and natural objects. 

There is a state of grace and peacefulness you can arrive at through the appreciation of the Wabi-Sabi aesthetic, the strength that comes from an acceptance of the cycle of life and the understanding that everything always changes.

small industrial sculpture by Robert Schott

You can see many of my sculptures on this site.  However, I only offer them for sale through galleries or by direct sale to you.

Sacred Symbols

The reason I choose Anthropology as a major is because after taking an intro class I became totally fascinated by the study of man.  Studying anthropology gave me the opportunity to take a deep dive right down to the beginning of man some 7 million years ago and up through the ages.  Studying different cultures around the globe through time influenced my whole outlook on life.  It was mind blowing to tell you the truth, it was just so fricking cool I thought, man I have to spend some time here.  It has had a lasting impression on me and my work and not only with my Wabi-Sabi sculptures.

Studying ancient cultures I was always drawn to their belief systems. And being a visual person their sacred symbols inevitably caught my eye.  My ceramic work is based on ancient Sacred Symbols from the many spiritual beliefs of mankind.

You can see all my Sacred Symbols on my Etsy Shop, Spiritual Gifts for All.

Icelandic Magical Stave called the Wayfinder

The symbol above is an ancient Icelandic Magical Stave called 'Vegvisir' or commonly 'The Wayfinder'.  This symbol was painted on the sails and ships of the Icelanders.  It possesses the power to guide you in your travels and bring you safely home.  A symbol of great value for a seafaring country.  As with most ancient symbols they have more than one meaning.  This Wayfinder also acts as a spiritual compass that guides your heart and helps you to make the right choices in life.

A sampling of my work.

everglades landscape painting

industrial sculpture created with recycled and repurposed objects

three flamingos watercolor painting

recycled and repurposed sculpture

ceramic sacred symbol white lotus flower

Corporate Collections: A Partial Listing

Allied Specialty Insurance, Raymond-James & Associates,
R.R. Simmons Construction, Florida Department of Law Enforcement,
Arthur Andersen & Company, First State Bank,
Nations Bank, Publix Super Market,
Jim Walter Corporation, Peoples Gas Systems,
HavaTampa, Inc., Arthur Rutenburg Homes,
Central Accounting and Tax, Seminole Electric Co-op,
FCCI Mutual Insurance, Fortune Federal Bank,
William R. Hough & Co., Lazy Day's RV Center,
Kane Furniture, U.S. Bank,
American Savings Bank, Bruce-Williams Homes,
Great Western Finance, Pick Kwik Food Stores,
Cox Lumber, AAA Automobile Club,
Crown & Co. C.P.A., Centerbanc,
Webb Builders, ABC Office Machines,
Baptie Studio, Hardwood Specialists,
JLM Industries, Inc., Pioneer Savings Bank,
Stevens Designer Homes, Frame Station & Gallery,
JMC Development Corporation, Bay Area Renal Stone Center,
The Huber Restorium, Novastar Gem,
Travelodge, Elegante',
Coastal Printing, Health Coalition, Inc.,
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Times Publishing Company,
Florida Aquarium, Great Bay Distributors, Inc.,
Bankers Insurance Group, Good Buy Sportwear, Inc.,
Sun Financial, Inc., Eva-Tone, Inc.,
Tampa Farm Service, Tangerine Development Co.,
M & N Cigar Manufacturing, Physicians Healthcare Plans,
St. Petersburg Kennel Club, Master Packaging, Inc.,
Sentry Alarm Systems, Bryan Alan Studio,
Thoroughbred Music, Inc., Sprint Staffing,
Hannah Bartoleita Homes, Butler Carpet Company,
Power Cerv Corporation, Gatsby Spas,
Southern Grocery, Westshore Glass,
ABC Fabrics of Tampa, Micro Mo Electronics,
Remelt Corporation, Zephyr Egg Comany,
Holly Hill Fruit Products, Compu-Link,
Southwestern Supplies, Creative Contractors,
Wilder Corporation, Sun Hydraulics,
Richard Properties, Gardner Asphalt,
Caspers Company, Precisionaire,
Oakly Groves, Golf Hosts,
Reilly Dairy & Food, Gulfwind Marine,
J.H. Williams Oil Company, Coastmarine,
Hooters, Visionworks,
TECO, The White House (D.C.),
Ben Hill Griffen, Inc., AmeriPath,
Peel, Schatzel & Wells, P.A., Kunkel, Miller & Hament,
Mutual Wholesale, Pepin Distributing,
Scott Paint, Shells,
Bama Sea Products, Sigma International,
Tampa Bay Fisheries, Shannon Hotel Group,
Fletcher Music Centers, Safety Equipment Company,
Wesco Turf, MTD Technologies,
Nu-Air Manufacturing, Vista Products,
Southern Apparel, Trident Shipworks,
Somerset Pharmaceuticals, Nestor Sales, Inc.,
Southeast Research Partner, Jesse Foods Company,
Hi Tech Electronic Sign Case Contracting,
Pacific Tomato Growers, Sykes Enterprises,
Ridge Pallets, Quality Petroleum,
Paradigm Communications, Alcoma Packing,
General Engines, Interior Design Services,
Aluminum Service, Inc., FKO Advertising,
H. Butler Footwear, Kimal Lumber,
Tampa Tank & Welding, Precision Panel Products,
Prime Marketing Group


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